How to get iota2?


iota2 is a free software under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0. See here for details.

How to install iota2?

iota2 is only frequently tested on some Linux distributions (Ubuntu and CentOS), although others are known to work (Debian). It is distributed through the Conda package management system which install and manage all its depency.

In this section, steps to install iota2 from scratch will be detailed.

Step 1: download and install Miniconda

If Miniconda or Anaconda is already installed on your system, you can skip this step. Otherwise, you can download and install Miniconda thanks to the bash installer even if your are not the system administrator.


If the installation is inside a virtual machine, do not use a shared directory with the host system as iota2 output directory.

Step 2: add iota2 channel

Add the iota2 channel to inform Conda where iota2 packages are. This information has to be added in the .condarc file. In order to locate the file, please enter the following command:

conda info

then a list of informations are printed, especially:

   active environment : None
           shell level : 0
      user config file : /absolute/path/to/.condarc
populated config files : /absolute/path/to/.condarc
         conda version : 4.7.10
   conda-build version : 3.18.2


Maintain conda up to date using the conda update conda command

Once the .condarc file is located (create it at the place user config file if not exists), you must add the following in it.

channel_priority: true
    - iota2
    - pytorch
    - conda-forge
    - defaults


Do not go to Step 3 without making sure your .condarc file is well set.

Step 3: get the iota2 package and install it


To avoid some conflict or wrong compatibility always install iota2 in a fresh environment. Also always install iota2 first before another custom package


Download all iota2 dependencies, from a fresh miniconda installation, requires at least 5go of free disk space. Each instaled environment containing only iota2 and dependencies requires 3.7go of free disk space.


Installing iota2 may be quite long according to the user configuration computer and network (proxy, internet speed). Sometime the solving environment can take a very long time before ends.


We found Mamba to be much faster than Conda and thus detail the procedure using this drop in replacement, but conda is still a viable way.

# create an empty conda environment: iota2-env
conda create --name iota2-env
# enable it
conda activate iota2-env
# install recent python 3.9
conda install python=3.9
# install mamba
conda install mamba
# install iota2
mamba install iota2 -c iota2
# disable environment and reload it
conda deactivate
conda activate iota2-env
# test if the installation ends well -h

How to test the installation?

You can test the installation by following the tutorial.


More informations about iota2 launching parameters are available here