Access develop branch

Release planning

A release is a long time process, which requires suffisant contribution to be a relevant improvement. Otherwise, the new features must be tested before, then they can be stay in development for several months.

For help development or to use a new feature not yet released, it can be useful to access the current development branch and use it as a full operational conda enviromnent.

Access via conda env

On anaconda cloud, a package named iota2_develop is available. This package can be updated on demand, and contains the state of develop branch corresponding to his creation.

This environment is fully operationnal but not correspond to the current development branch (bug fix or recent add). But it permits to install easily most of the dependencies.

Real-time access to develop

Once you have a conda environment (here iota_dev) installed you can access to the source of iota2.


In the following commands the chain ‘iota2_dev’ refers to the name of environment. To have several env see the note at the end of this part.

First, clone iota2 project somewhere:

cd /home/doc/somewhere/
git clone

Then go in environment location:

cd /home/doc/miniconda3/envs/iota_dev/lib/python3.6/site-packages


if you use anaconda3 instead of miniconda3, the path looks like: /home/doc/anaconda3/envs/iota2_dev/lib/python3.6/site-packages

Keep the source for security, and create a symbolic link to the cloned project

mv iota2 iota2_backup
ln -s /home/doc/somewhere/iota2/iota2 iota2


Please note that iota2 is twice in path. The first path must contains code folders like Common, Steps, …

Once done, simply use this environment like all other:

conda activate iota_dev ...

Then you can update the code locate in /home/doc/somewhere/iota2, with git operation (pull, checkout, branch) or create your own branch and modify codes. The conda environment always use the current state of your iota2 source directory.

cd /home/doc/somewhere
git checkout develop

This command must return that you are already on develop on a fresh cloned repository.


This manipulation must be done for every iota2 using environment you have. A good practice for development is to create two environment, one following the release tag (the online available package) and the other using the symbolic link.


Once the symbolic link is created, the environment must never be cloned using conda options. It can modify the git repository and loose some of your modification or create conflicts. Do it at your own risks.