You are looking the documentation of a development version. The release version is available at master.

Disk space issue

First run

iota2 requires original image data for the first run as mandatory information is extracted from them.

Like: * original projection * original resolution * …

Next run

iota2 can use already preprocessed data. This requires that interpolation parameters not changes: same spectral resolution, same projection. Only the spatial resampled data are stored and required, then the temporal resolution can be changed whithout issues.

After run

As described in the Output tree structure, classif directory contains per tile and per region maps which are merged in final directory. If you do not need these intermediate maps, they can be removed to free up disk space.

Input data

If you used the write_reproject_resampled_input_dates_stack parameter, iota2 will write them in a XXX_FRE_STACK.tif file. If you are using these file as input and do not need to change the working resulution, the individual bands (_FRE_B2.tif, _FRE_B2.tif…) can be removed to free up disk space.